Sunday, March 20, 2011

They say it's spring.

Truth be told, we don't get out much in the winter 'round here. Even if it's not that cold, living on the Roof has it's disadvantages. Namely that's MOTHERTRUCKING windy here, about 362 days of the year.

In the spring, summer, and fall, it's fine.

In the winter?

It sucks big fat...well, it just sucks.

That's why today was SO wonderful. We got out! We weren't bundled up in 18 layers! (Only 2!) We didn't get blown over when we stepped out the door! It wasn't quite balmy (even though it's SUPPOSED to be the first day of spring) but we got out anyway. JOY! BLISS!

Sadly, the feelings of JOY! and BLISS! were not shared.

Corben? Was dubious.Still dubious.Even more dubious still. Not to mention clench-y.And pushing him on a bike? Earned me a "what the eff, Mom?" scowl to beat all scowls (Despite the fact that he didn't want to get off of it.)In spite of Captain Frowny Mc Scowlpants, we had fun.

(Or, at least I did!)

Happy first day of spring!

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Oma said...

Really great pictures! I love the color coordinated coats and boots. Unless Corben has become used to shoes lately he was probably wondering what those strange things were on his feet.