Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Technical difficulties

Yup, we haz them.

My computer has some sort of nasty disease. Luckily, our geek thinks he can fix it, but not without delivering him the whole box, for lord knows how long. The good thing is this will force me to figure out how to do everything I ever wanted to do on the iPad.

Including blogging, with photos.

If i could upload photos, maybe I'd show you some of my kid being THAT KID in the front row of the primary concert at school, making faces and goofing around and generally being an ass. Yup, THAT KID was mine tonight. Le sigh.

I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow is a new day. The computer will still be broken, but hopefully my kid will have slept off his assness, and with morning comes coffee, and coffee is good. And with afternoon? Comes husband, home from a 4 day jaunt to a beachside town on Lake Ontario. There will be some smooches, and someone cooking me dinner, and some "here, put these small things to bed while I take a bath, wouldja?" all of which i have missed.

Le large sigh.

Le large goodnight.

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