Sunday, July 24, 2011


It has been hot here, like CRAZY hot.

Thursday was the hottest day on record in Toronto, which is where I happened to be all day. Oh, and I was working. Outside.

The thermometer hit 38 degrees in the shade. Plus that blasted humidex. And of course, the sun.

It took me more than 24 hours to recover from the day.

We haven't had rain here since Canada Day, over THREE weeks ago. (Which is also the last time I was in a tent, incidentally.)

It's part of the reason that my grass looks like this:
(Rain dance?)

Today was the first day in a few that it actually felt like we weren't going to asphyxiate when we walked out the door, so out we went. There was a little bit of swinging action on our new to us swing needs a coat of paint, but the price was right, and the boys don't give a crap that it's rusty!
We spent the whole day outside. Eating, playing, sprinklering, the whole shebang.
And this. This? I don't even know what to say about this photo...only that it's 87 shades of awesome:Weekend. Nutshell. Scene.

(P.S. Right now, for the first time in three weeks, it is finally raining. Thank god.)


Ginger said...

Rain? I am not sure I remember rain right now. Today is will be day 24 of over 100 degree temps. They say it will hit 106 today...(That's about 41 up where you are.) And now they are talking about some super High settling in making it even worse.

And here you go smashing my dreams of Canada where it never gets hot! LOL :)

Glad you are getting rain and maybe cooler temps. I shall be envious of you as I melt in the heat!

Mom said...

Remember your swing set? Many, many, many hours of fun on that thing, as I'm sure your boys will have too.

Terri-Ann said...

Yeah, good rain. Unfortunately, it was the first time this year we were in a tent. And for the next night's storm also. Rock on, Roots, tent - you didn't even let in a drop!

Terri-Ann said...

PS - LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic with the umbrella. That deserves some wall space.