Monday, August 15, 2011

And the Journey continues...

Day 6 (Thursday): Total kilometers: Zero. of rest.
Total swim time in a friend's pool: A good solid 3 hours.
Total dinners that we cooked: 0.
Total dinners someone else cooked: 1 awesome one.
Total amount of kilometers that the boys ran: At least a half marathon.
Total amount of food that the boys ate: more than they had in the first week of the trip combined.
Total amount of sleep that the boys slept: more than they had in the first week of the trip combined.
Day of rest, catching up on sleep, and buisness: priceless.

Day 7 (Friday): Total kilometers: About 450 (the map is very far, too far, from where I am comfortably seated right now.)
Winnipeg to Moosomin.
Number of campgrounds that I could find in the area: none that I liked.
Number of motels that I could find in the area: 3...none that I liked.
Number of REALLY nice hotels that I could find in the area: 1. That I REALLY liked.
Spending one night in a little bit of luxury (with an pool and a WATERSLIDE!): totally awesome.
Day 8: (Saturday): Moosomin SK to Saskatoon
Number of Moose sighted before Moosomin: none.
Number of Moose sighted after Moosomin: one.
Thank you, Moosomin.
(Oh, and this:

Day 9 (Sunday): Saskatoon
Nights booked at Gordie Howe Campground: 2
Nights spent at Gordie Howe Campground: 1
Number of wasps and other random flying stinging things that I am allergic to at Gordie Howe Campground: 9,437, give or take.
Number of CCR fans at the concert just across the river from Gordie Howe Campground: It sounded like at least 8000.


Totally awesome and unexpected nights in a sister's backyard, meeting new people and hanging out with new cousins: two. Wicked.
And tomorrow? Drumheller.
Number of dinoboys, ready to meet their dino buddies?
One very excited one, and his sidekick.

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