Friday, December 09, 2011

Jennyear Resolutions

So, in case you haven't noticed, there has been some serious blog failing happening around here. There has been more than a few fails happening around here lately, blogging aside.

Exhibit A is here, you're reading it (or, lately, you haven't been at all because there is NOTHING TO READ.)

Exhibit B?

Laundry. But that exhibit is a permanent exhibit here, so we're getting used to it.

Exhibit C?

I am a wreck. There was the mystery virus, formerly known as Mono but then not mono. There is the cold sores, the weight loss, the exhaustion, and still, the go, go, GO!

I have not been taking good care of myself. I have been taking care of everything else, everyone else. But not that.

And so on and so forth.

So, time to do something about it all. Screw New Years resolutions, I'm making Jennyear Resolutions, and they can start whenever the heck I want them to.

So mwah!

I read something wonderful the other day, about more and less. It said you don't need to make resolutions of all the things you are going to DO. Don't make your goals so damn unachievable. Just keep it simple - what are you going to do MORE of, and of what are you going to do LESS.

(Now, if my darn head wasn't so scrambled in 18 different directions, I'd link to it, if only I could remember where it was. Help a girl out if you know the answer...)

So here is my list, 5 each. Five "do mores" and five "do lesses."

1. Less useless time on the Internet. Now, the key word here us "useless." There is a fountain of knowledge out there, on all kinds of useful things, and the fountain is not on Facebook. Now, facebook is darn useful, but only in dribs and drabs, not for hours.)
2. Less crappy food.(Which means more vegetables.)
3. Less of so many things at once. Do one thing (or three, maximum), really really well. (Ital mine, rest is John Sleeman.)
4. Less stuff. This house needs a massive perge. MASSIVE. EPIC EVEN!!
5. Less angry. I'm too darn angry. Life is short; find the joy.

1. Water and excercise.
2. Reading (Note to self: Facebook is NOT reading. I'm taking BOOKS!)
3. Organization. I'm a damn Virgo, it's in my blood. (Sadly, so is ADD.)
4. Husband. We spend our days next to each other, working, but we often spend our nights apart, me soaping or internetting, him reading or movie watching. Stop that.
5. Quality time with the kids. QUALITY. Meaningful. Purposeful. Fun. Filled with Joy. Focused.

All in name of taking care of myself, so I CAN take care of others.

So there you have it. Ch-ch-ch-changes, I can feel them coming!

And it's good.


Kristen said...

Hmmm....great idea jenn! Inspiring.

Ginger said...

OH I like this! I was wondering what I was going to focus on for next I can come up with my own "more" and "less" lists...I need that! :)

Gretel said...

Amen. Love you! I'm now reading so much since getting the kindle (and getting into an epic series). Wake up time (6-7:30am) is reading time...also after kids got to bed. I love it and have no interest in FB or iphone or other internet pursuits. Tristan has even been getting up and reading with us...with an herbal tea. Nice times together plus reading plus no screens!