Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Santa Train

Around here, there is a little piece of awesomeness known as the Santa Train.  Every summer, the tickets go on sale, and sell out within days, and every summer, we've missed them.  Until this year. 

The Santa Train is a one hour train ride, through the Credit Valley, on a train that has seen better days, and it likely saw them in the 1970's.  But WHO CARES??  Because CHRISTMAS CAROLS, and HOT CHOCOLATE, and GINGERBREAD COOKIES.   Oh yeah, and the big dude himself, who comes to sit with you at your seat for a minute or two, asks the wee ones what they want for Christmas, and ho ho ho's on his merry way.

Sure beats standing in line for an hour at the mall.

Griffin, beyond excited, clammed right up when we finally got out turn with Santa...he was so overwhelmed he could hardly speak.  Corben, was terribly excited as well, and even sat on the old guy's lap without freaking out. 

All around?  Totally worth every single penny, and then some!

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