Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Patty O'Lantern

It's March 17th, St. Patty's day. Never in all that I can remember, has there been a March 17th as lovely as today.

Not only was today lovely, in the "holy eff it's 20 degrees, and I'm gardening...and skiing, on same day'" (I know a woman who actually DID THIS today!) way, but it was also lovely in that "ilovemylifesomuchatthismoment" kind of way. (Combined with the "ireallylikefastridesbutimoldernowandpleasecanweslowdown!" kind of lovely.) (And the ever so popular "I love our children, but how much do you think we can get from them on e-Bay?" kind of "lovely.")

Too....much....punctuation....for...St....Patty's day....

All this to say:

Today was lovely. In so many ways. I know it's been quiet around here. And it's been quiet, along with strange, and cryptic, apparently, on Facebook. And it still is. But I promise you this: once we make up our minds, as to what we are doing with our lives, you'll be the first to know.

When I know, you'll know...just gimmie a few more minutes to figure it out, m'kay!!??

However, what I do know that I am doing right now is enjoying a campfire, in my
"camping clothes," on Saturday March 17th. And that we dined tonight, with our buddy, Al Fresco, earlier in the season that we ever have.

And I know that it's entirely too far on in the evening to be doing silly things Ike uploading pictures, even though they are copious.

And I know that even though I'm sure it's going to snow again this month, if not next; I am currently dreaming about gardens and picnics and campfires...and you can't make me stop.

And I do know that life is really not bad right now, but I'm about 97.9% sure that it's about to get so very much better.

And I do know that my wine glass is empty. Yup, that I know. Better fix that.

Happy St. Pati'o day, my friends.

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