Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have mere moments to type this, before my battery runs out, but it was important for me to come here tonight and note this:

I am happy.

Life is good.  Things feel like they are moving in the right direction.  Maybe slightly slower than I would move them in said direction, but that's not such a bad thing either.  Maybe it's time for me to slow down and savour all that is.  Because it's all pretty wonderful right now.  My children are both a wonderful ages - both learning and growing and constantly amazing me with all that they know, and the beautiful little men they are becoming.  Our home life is about to change, for the better, the SO much better.  The sun shines on my face each morning when I wake, there is coffee in the pot and food in the fridge, and more love to go around than we know what to do with some days.

And so, I am happy.  We all are these days.  And I'm starting to be convinced that through all the choices that we make, there is really no better way to strive to be.

I hope you are happy too!

With love,


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