Sunday, May 06, 2012

May of Insanity

So it's May, and this May is likely to be the May of Insanity.  We've sold our house, we've been packing like mad people.  Steve is off to Japan, and I'm to follow shortly.  And then we come back.  I have a show a week later, three days later than that, we move.


My dearest Gretel made a comment on the blog a few weeks ago, in the midst of my complaining about the endlessness of showings and whatnots.  She said "When it happens it will happen in half a heartbeat and suddenly all will move at lightning speed - see this as the calm before the best lightning storm ever and when the sun rises afterwards you'll be sipping that coffee in your new home and all your dreams will be reality."  I read it and thought "she's totally right."  (I also thought "I love this woman!" and immediatly texted her to tell her so!) 

So here we are, in the midst of our lightening storm.

I don't know how much I'll be able to post for the next few weeks.  But what I have taken on as part of this month (like I don't have enough to do) is a photo a day challenge.  A word prompt each day and uploading a photo is something I CAN work with.  So I think I'll share them here too, if no other reason than to be able to remember a bit of this month of insanity!

May 1st - "Woven"
 May 2nd - "Grass"
May the 3rd - "Up"
 May the 4th (be with you) - "Wheels"
 May 5th - "Breakfast"  (teehee)
Hopefully I can keep these up while we're in Japan....eeeks! 

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Gretel said...

Happy lightning storm, love. Hope you're wearing rubber boots...and don't hang out under trees! Hope you're having a blast in Japan - just what you need to prepare you for the rest of the push! Love you.