Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For the Birds

The birds have been ignoring my bird feeder lately, so I figured maybe a change of diet was in order. After all, I have Finch food in the feeder, hoping to attract some of the golden finches that hang out in the backyard. But the chickadees are growing weary of the finch food, and the Blue Jay that landed there the other day was none too impressed. So I bought new food yesterday. And the birds have been all over the feeder today. Problem is that the new food is still unopened, and just sitting in it's bag underneath the feeder. Did they see the big shiny new bag, and decide to come check out the new food? Are they going to be dissapointed when they discover that the "new food" (that is not actually new) tastes just like the old food? Am I overestimating their intelligence? Or, do I care entirely too much about the eating habbits of my birds?

We heard the kai-oats again last night. Or rather kai-oat singular. Just howling away from somewhere very close by the house. Steve took that moment at 3am or whatever the hell time it was to remind me that I was going to be out here alone all next week while he goes away for a show, and was I going to be OK with that? Slick.

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