Monday, October 10, 2005

Jack Frost and the Geese

We had our first decent frost of the season on Saturday morning. It's a big event up here this frost. It seems like we are a bit of a forecast for the rest of this part of the world. Like if we got frost on Friday, London can expect it in a week, and Toronto in 10 days, or whatever the heck the math is. We get everything first up here - the leaves change sooner, the frost comes sooner, and so does the snow. So consider yourself warned - the frost is a commin'! I'll let you know when to expect the snow.

I spent the night at the Family Homestead, stuffing my face with turkey and introducing Dudley to the rest of the family, which went remarkably well I think! My brother's dog Gizmo the Toy Poodle is a teeny tiny version of Dudley - same breed, they even are close to the same age. Gizmo is just tiny. Like a Mini Me for Dudley!

It seems like all the Canadian Geese fled the area this weekend. Friday was a cacophony of geese heading south. All day long. Maybe there was a big Thanksgiving dinner they had to get to. They've been heading that way for a couple of weeks now, but I think the remainder of them went this weekend. All except 4. We went out for a walk on Friday night and saw four geese heading North. Like straight north! We yelled and hollered at them, told them they were going the wrong way, as we waved our arms madly in a southerly direction, but they paid no attention. Maybe they forgot something. Maybe they were supposed to bring the cranberry sauce. My mom always forgets that too.


Ms. Julia Hale said...

I have also been having dreams of new living spaces lately. More and more as the months roll by. I dream of composts and whole grain flours and making bread and organic food baskets.. and... and lots of other things that aren't possible here. You sound wonderful and I love your blog. I have one too for my class, you can find the link at (look for STUFF).

Jenn and Steve said...

Anytime you want to come home and share our compost and bake bread in our oven you're more than welcome my dear!