Tuesday, October 18, 2005

,I'll huff and I'll puff...

The wind is ferociously trying to blow down our house at the moment. Ha ha! I laugh in your face wind! You can’t even get through my windows to make that high pitched whistling sound! (ah, the glory of new windows!) My bird feeder is like one of those crazy rides at Canada’s Wonderland right now (a bird sized version) – it’s spinning wildly on its string. Strangely none of the birds are taking advantage of the situation. I don’t get it – if I had a spinny Canada's Wonderland ride in my backyard that I could go on for free, and be fed at the same time as I rode, I think I would be on that thing every darn day! My Hardy Mum (a plant that I do know the name of!) is living up to it’s name, as it sits at the base of the back steps, right in the path of that wicked wicked wind. Ha ha!!

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