Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lawnmower Dave

When you buy a house, it seems like the maintenance of the lawn becomes a big part of your life. We have cut our grass once since we moved in. Once. Since August. Actually, I called some dude in town and paid him to cut our grass. Not because I didn’t want to do it myself, but because we don’t yet own a lawnmower. We went into town one day to look at lawnmowers. Waltzed right into the John Deere dealer, and explained our situation – we have about 2 acres of grass to mow, and a 400 foot driveway to plow, and was there a machine available that could serve both these purposes? Of course if you know anything, you know that there is a machine available for ANYTHING you want to do. So dude says, “Of course there is!”, and waltzes us outside to show us the HP 2210, with optional loader attachment, and a blower attachment for all our snow removal needs.

He fired ‘er up, and both Steve and I took it for a little boot around the parking lot. Fantastic turn radius, stops on a dime, backs up like a dream, and drives so smooth you’d think you were on the Transcanada (the part through New Brunswick that’s freshly paved and sooo smooth) in a Lincoln Town Car. 60 inch mower deck (not that I even knew what a mower deck was when I walked in the door), and a child could take the loader on and off it was that easy. Sexy sexy lawnmower.

So we go inside, and sit down at the desk, and Dude tells us that that little puppy, with 60 months financing and a blah blah blah interest rate goes for slightly over twenty thousand dollars!! 20G’s?? You have got to be kidding me? I can buy a car, probably 2, for that kind of money. Or a whole shipload of scissors and snow shovels! So after a few more options, we walked out of the John Deere, a little more humble than when we walked in, and still without a sexy lawnmower, or any lawnmower for that matter. We got home and I called some dude to come cut our grass. It cost 50 bucks.

Lawnmower Dave is our neighbor. Lawnmower Dave is a really great guy. He always waves to us when he’s out puttering in the backyard, and once when we moved in he even offered to take our garbage to the dump for us! Now THAT is a good neighbor! Lawnmower Dave has a sexy lawnmower. It’s the 2210 if I’m not mistaken, and now we have a pretty good idea of what he paid for it. He uses it all the time, I’d say once a week on average, sometimes more. Up and down the lawn with his ear protection and cute little hat on. Waves when he sees us looking at him (we’re really staring at the lawnmower) and goes merrily on his way. He cuts his grass more than anybody I’ve ever seen. But I suppose we would too if we had a super sexy lawnmower. The weather even clears for him. The other day it rained all day, until Lawnmower Dave got home and pulled out his mower, and then sunny skies abound. Generally, we are very very jealous of Lawnmower Dave.

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