Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wind Warning Indeed!!

While most of Southern Ontario has been in the midst of a wind warning for the past few days, let me share with you what a wind warning means for us up here on the “Roof.”

Think of your home, or your place of residence, whatever form it may take. House, apartment, shanty, whatever. And consider your surroundings, the property you live on, your neighborhood, etc. Now consider an incredibly blustery day. A blow your had off and down the block kind of day. A whip the screen door off it’s hinges kind of blustery day. A bad day to put your recycling (paper, plastics, a couch, whatever) on the curb because there’s a good chance it’ll end up down the block kind of blustery day. Keeping in mind your home and it’s property, where would be the LEAST logical place to hang out on said incredibly blustery day? If you guessed the roof of your house, you’re absolutely correct! It’s windy up there on your roof on a day like today. Nothing to block the wind, nothing to prevent it from slamming into you at 90 miles per hour and knocking you flat on your butt!!

Well, we live on the Roof of the Province. The highest point in Ontario. Not the smartest place to be on a blustery day! The province’s first large scale wind project is just around the corner from us. One would deduce that this is a windy sort of place then!!

Last night the howling of the wind woke me up at 3am. I feared for our pretty little home. I feared for the poor plastic greenhouse (ie: wind tunnel) outside in our driveway. I even feared for the cast iron furniture, placed quaintly outside the glass garden doors. I seriously feared for the glass garden doors!! The wind was coming from a different direction than it usually does last night, and the pictures on the wall above our bed were vibrating, because the wind was slamming into the side of the house just that hard. I’ve been filling the birdfeeder on a daily basis, because the effects the ride that I have since christened as the “Birdatron” (see previous post entitled "I'll Huff and I'll puff" for an explanation of the Birdatron) is that the bird feed gets strewn all over the porch and yard in a circular fashion. I think the birds may have to find their own damn food until this windy thing passes.

Last time it was windy like this, we were woken at a similar time by the sound of our garbage cans tumbling across the backyard. Fearing for my neighbors glass garden doors, I strapped them down good. They didn’t wake us this time! Ha Ha!

Now if only we could figure out how the harvest the power in the pretty little ornamental windmill on our front lawn, we’d be set!

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