Monday, February 06, 2006

Damn Lying Groundhogs!

The groundhogs are full of shit!

First off, I think the whole thing is a sham to begin with. Any fool who believes in a weather forecast given by a groundhog should be institutionalized. What the heck does a groundhog know about the weather anyway? He's been holed up in his comfy burrow all winter, and then some moron comes and yanks him out of his hole (or more likely a fancy cage or groundhog run in the case of all those "famous Groundhogs") and expects him to give the forecast. Now, if groundhogs could speak, and had some sort of weather sensors in them, or a proven track record to speaking the correct forecast, I might say ok. But they cant talk, they get yanked out of their hole, and then "give the forecast" based on whether or not they see their shadow??? Huh?? If the groundhog see's his shadow, all it means is the sun was out that day!! Sham.

Secondly, any one who lives in Ontario (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) and thinks that winter is going to be over 6 weeks from the beginning of February has another thing coming!

So this year the groundhog predicted an early spring. Well, I think Mother Nature has finally gotten tired of the groundhog and his weather predicting ways, and decided to show him who REALLY is in charge of the weather around here! We have been hit with more snow in the past 72 hours than we have all winter...more snow since Wiarton Whats His Face popped his little head out and cried "early spring!" Obvious conclusion? Sham.

Or, it's my fault...I had started to dream of raised veggie garden beds, and where I was going to put them, started pouring over seed catalogues, and gotten some books on perennials, as well as a whole load of garden tools from a belated wedding shower. Now the only thing my shiny new shovel is going to be good for is digging out the dog when he finally stuffs his head too deep into a snow drift and can't get out. That's what I get for thinking about spring!

The drifts are bigger than the dog. We've given up on the driveway and are parking one car at the end and the other over at Snowblower Dave's. Spring is a long way off, my friends. And until it arrives, I will continue to pour over those catalogues and perennial books, while sipping warm tea in front of the fire. And I will enjoy the snowdays (like today, for instance) when Steve can't make it into Toronto, and I get sent home from work early. And I will continue to find the joy in Steve meeting me at the end of the driveway where I parked my car, with my pair of snowshoes to ease the walk through thigh high snow down our 400 foot driveway. And I will continue to ignore any weather forecast made by animals, groundhogs or otherwise, and refuse to believe winter has ended until I see buds on the trees. And even then I'll be skeptical!!

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