Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back to Reality

We are "enjoying" a 4 hour layover in the Phoenix Arizona airport. There are televisions everywhere, most of them blasting football games. In the "lounge" at our gate they have ever so courteously placed speakers all through out the lounge, so that no matter how far from the TV you are, you can still hear the game. Charming.

So here we are at the end of a most delightful Honeymoon/Working holiday. We had the pleasure of a little visit from the Santa Ana winds, and the last few days have been gloriously sunny and warm, with temperatures in the high seventies (the mid twenties for all you metric folk.) We even went so far as to stick our white little Canadian toes in the Pacific ocean, but that was all that made it in! A bit too brisk for swimming for my taste.

And now back to Reality. Back to our psycho puppy, who has been keeping Ma and Pa Lucas terribly busy. Back to the snow, and the never ending Saga of the Driveway. Back to work, and for some new fun and excitement I have a new job as Steve's Chauffeur for the next few weeks until he get's his licence back (don't ask!) But I have to say that I'm very much looking forward to getting home, and back to reality. We had a most delightful holiday season and wedding, and a wonderful honeymoon, and are VERY much looking forward to all the exciting little things that this New Year will bring!

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kodeureum said...

I think it is actually possible to post to your blog with a text message from a cell phone. Perhaps you could get an update together while Steve's running into the Tim Horton's for some coffee.