Saturday, February 18, 2006


We've had a few days in the past few days where we've been "Snow Stayed", as in "stay where you are, there is just too much fricking snow!" Roads closed, temperatures in the minus stupid range, really no reason to go anywhere as far as I can see!

We took our first trip to see our Midwife this week, one of many, but there is nothing nearly as exciting as the first trip (except I imagine possibly the last trip...the one where you come home with a baby!) I was pretty excited anyway, and a little bit nervous too.

I'll admit, despite all the evidence to the contrary, I've had a few moments of paranoia in the past few months that maybe I actually wasn't pregnant, maybe it was all a ruse of some sort. I mean, I only peed on one stick (those things are expensive!), there could have been an error. The fact that my pants don't fit too well anymore could be explained by my less than active job, or all the yum yums that I stuffed my face with over Christmas. The nausea could be bad cooking, or something in the water. But there is nothing that clears up all those doubts faster than hearing a tiny heartbeat from somewhere deep inside you -the quick little "swoosh swoosh swoosh" sound of a teeny tiny heart, amplified by a Doppler pressed firmly into my pelvic region. It was the coolest thing we've ever heard! It confirmed without a doubt that I am indeed pregnant and there is actually a wee human growing somewhere inside of me. The midwife had a bit of a hard time finding the heartbeat, as she said it was a bit early, but we heard it for a few seconds before she swam away. Very cool.

Now I'm on the hunt for maternity clothes...all my pants are getting a bit too tight for comfort, and my shirts are small, mostly on my chest which has also exploded since peeing on that stick...much to my dismay, but much to Steve's delight! I think I'll hit the Value Village when I'm in Toronto tomorrow - seems silly to get too attached to clothes that aren't going to fit in another few months!

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kodeureum said...

I'm diggin your snow photos, and glad I'm not shovelling your snow. It's good to hear that Steve's pleased, but he'll have to make room once the baby arrives. Are you planning to confirm the baby's gender before it's born? My suggetion is that you don't. It isn't allowed here in South Korea, so it was a thrill when I discovered I had a baby daughter. A baby boy would have been almost as big a thrill as well. Make a recording of the heartbeat as you never know, Steve might create a show called Circulate. :)