Sunday, February 19, 2006

Proof that we got married!

I've been getting some slack for not sharing our wedding pictures more apologies to all, and here are a select few...we have about a bazillion of them! They're a bit small, but our primitive country life allows only for dial up internet, so every photo I upload takes a significant amount of time, otherwise I would happily post more. (They especially take lots of time when you upload them, then delete them and have to upload them again. I wouldn't recommend that route!!!) I know I could put them somewhere on the big ol' web, but I haven't quite figured that whole "make your own website" thing just yet. Infact I'm not sure that I want to! The whole primitive thing suits me just fine!

If you want more, you'll just have to come up and visit - you can see our good looking dog in person (although he's not quite so good looking now after the hack job haircut that he received on Saturday!) can enjoy some knee deep snow, and we can watch slideshows of wedding pictures for a good hour if you'd like!!


kodeureum said...

I've posted a link to your blog on mine, but I think I'll have to change the title to "best duds and beautiful satin". Is that corrrect, Jenn? I'm not big on fabrics. The house looks great and you both seem extarordinarily happy. Congratulations all round!

Jenn and Steve said...

Silk actually...much more shi-shi than satin!! Steve's suit was even full of silk I think...yeah, we cleaned up ok for that day!

I keep passing your comments onto Steve, and we're checking out your blog on a regular basis too!