Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Overdue Update

Hello from baby central! We made it to half way! Every day our lives seem to get just a little more baby-o-rific, people dropping off exciting hand me downs (today I got an uber breast pump - you should see this thing, comes with it's own carrying case!) My belly is expanding and we are feeling the baby move every day now. Sometimes when I snuggle up with Steve in Bed, the baby starts kicking him in the butt...I said he should likely get used to it.

Above is our baby's first (and hopefully last) professional headshot, from our most entertaining and informative ultrasound! We've been looking for names that go well with "M.D." or "Attorney at Law" after them, instead of "Starving Artist!" The ultrasound also revealed "hardware" between little Junior's's a boy!! (Or a girl with strange bits between her legs!) We are very excited by this news, and my mom's psychic (who said we we're having a girl) has been fired.

We have started making an extensive list of names we enjoy, right now we're not being too selective, just adding ones we both kind of like. Then we'll narrow it down and down and down till we're left with a handful, and likely choose one after the baby is actually here. Steve has suggested we use Monkey Jump (what Tristan decided his brother should be named), since Gretel decided not to use it! Since Phelan came along Tristan has decided to name his dragon Monkey Jump instead, since his brother didn't go for the name.

(Incidentally, Tristan apparently miscalculated the Dragon's due date, and it's not coming till next March. I think he may have been dreading the labour process, so he decided to push it back!! It's takes a while to dragon-proof a backyard!)

The snow is finally all gone, and we've started working outdoors finally. Last week we cleaned 6 months of crap out of the shed, this week I started on the "Mystery Pile" that was left by the last occupants of the house. It's mostly odds and ends of scrap wood with treelike weeds growing on top of it, but it has to be sorted and moved from it's massive ugly pile to somewhere more orderly. But wouldn't you know it, I grabbed a bunch of the usable scrap and proceeded to make shelves for all my pots inside the greenhouse. Never throw anything useful away I say! Once I'm done puttering with shelves and other scrap wood projects in the greenhouse, I may just sow my veggie seeds. We've decided to concentrate on getting the veggie garden up and running this year - we're starting VERY small, not wanting to take on too much at once. I figure we'll have more success this way if I can start small and expand every year.

We bought a used lawnmower last weekend (we don't actually have it yet, but I talked to the guy!), and we're buying a little walk behind gas mower this week. Top it off with the weed eater from Kendra's Dad we got last year and we're set for all our grass mowing needs. I was told by the neighbours that the people that used to live here just had a gas push mower and he'd do a few strips of lawn every day, by the time he was finished he'd have to start again. Sounds like lovely exercise, but maybe not when I'm 8 months pregnant!

Cleaned up the basement last weekend, installed a bunch of lights in my sewing room so I can see where I'm cutting. Tomorrow we do a massive dump run (or 3!) and things are starting to look pretty spiffy around here!

The cows next door are calving, so there's lots of interesting cow labour noises coming from the barn next door. I hope I don't sound like that! It's exciting to see new little faces hobble out of the barn every few days! We also have a pair of gold finches that have taken up residence somewhere nearby, and come for their meals here at my finch feeder right outside the kitchen window.

We had a delightful easter weekend with dinner for 9 and 3 dogs, which was most enjoyable. We had a lovely day Sunday, and we (and I mean my brother and Steve's Dad) even managed to put up the laundry line that I've been begging for since last August!

That's our "exciting" country news! IÂ’m enjoying the simple life and the sensations of being kicked from the inside, and loving work most days too. I just started Phase 2 of my real estate courses, so I'm in study mode which is nice..Especiallyy since I haven't been doing much of it, the outdoors are just too tempting, combined with the fact that I'm also working on drafting a show for Steve, making a quilt for my brothers wedding which is in less than 2 months, and finally getting the thank you cards out from the wedding, before we need to start with baby thank you cards! Ohmygawd!

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