Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Movin' and Groovin'

Doesn't Steve look pretty great holding a baby...a natural perhaps? This picture makes me smile! (The baby is Baby Monkey Jump, who has now been christened Phelan Kale Meyer Odell...much better ring to it than Monkey Jump, and maybe a bit cooler once he hits high school.)

Our little wee one is making it's presence known these days...she's on the move! I frequently receive little kicks and pokes in the region of my belly button. The first ones are pretty cool, I imagine they won't loose their novelty for a while. I also imagine that they will loose their novelty late in the pregnancy, when there is very little room to maneuver in there.

So far baby seems to get up and dance when Mommy eats (mmm...food!) and when Mommy lays down to go to bed (Mom's in bed, lets make some nooooiiiiseeee!!) Today she seemed spurred on when U2 came on the radio...Coincidence? Last night I laid in bed and tested a few of our short listed names out on the baby to see if I could elicit a reaction. Lying in bed talking out loud only got a reaction the dog, who immediately ran to the door and started barking. No reaction from the baby. Maybe we need to change Dudley's name.

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