Saturday, June 17, 2006

Drywall Superhero

I love this man!

Drywall is hung. Bobby is mudding and taping like a madman. Except everyone had taken the afternoon off for a little forray to Blyth. How dare they schedule a Run for Lights in the middle of DrywallMania! Don't they know? Don't they know that trying to use the washing machine in it's current sideways position is damn near impossible for someone who's belly sticks out further than she cares to mention, especially since she has to squeeze past the sideways dryer to even GET to the washing machine? Don't they know that I am DYING to sweep and wash the floor, which would just be preposterous at this point?? Don't they know that I'm out of chocolate milk and have no one here to go and get it for me, since they're all at a silly run for lights??

The nerve.

1 comment:

trev said...

woohooo! LOOK at that LUSCIOUS stairwell! And the pinup boy at the bottom -- que bueno, chico!