Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Prenatal School Dropout

52 sheets of drywall arrived at our home on Tuesday morning. The contents of our entire basement are now located in our living room. And our dining room. And just about anywhere else there is room. Steve and Trevor are working like Superhero Madmen to get ‘er done. Tomorrow, Bobby the mud and tape man arrives. That’s when we close the door to the basement and he can call us when he’s done!

Also on Tuesday, we placed 49 precious pieces of paper in an express post envelope, and sent them off to the Siminovitch People. An award given to theatre folk every three years, this year it’s the designers turn, and we want it. It’s a cold hard $75,000, to be used to “further your art” (or pay off art’s line of credit, whichever you so choose!) Here’s hoping the 40 or so hours that we spent compiling photographs and thinking up clever things to say about them wasn’t for nothing.

In baby land, we are getting dangerously close to the “weeks remaining” number being a single digit…eeeks! We are proud Prenatal Class Dropouts, last week we ditched our over clinical, not so empowering prenatal class for greener pastures. I was getting very sick and tired of hearing about all the things that can go horribly wrong with our birth, instead of maybe, oh I don’t know, some ways that we could help make it go right??!! (Novel concept?? Maybe so!) Today at the midwives I picked up a book from one of the USA’s leading midwives, all about the power of the birthing experience…now were getting into the stuff I want to hear about! Did you know that for some women, instead of birth being intensely painful, it’s actually quite pleasurable, and occasionally even orgasmic?? I want to be one of THOSE women! They don’t tell you about THAT kind of stuff in Freak You Out Prenatal Class – all they talk about is epidurals (sticking large needles into your spine) and episiotomies (cutting parts of me that scissors shouldn’t come near, to make room for baby’s head) and internal fetal monitors (a little wire like thing with a coil on the end that they insert vaginally and give a little twist to, imbedding the coil into the baby’s head!!) Nothing about orgasms. Funny, you think that’s the kind of stuff they’d be advertising about birth.

Oh, and my brother got married this past weekend – a pantload of work, but incredibly enjoyable and a fun time had by all.

And I have a cold, which is somehow ten times worse than a non-pregnant cold.

But generally, with the exception of the cold, life is good.

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