Thursday, July 06, 2006


This week we're coming to you from the offices of Steve Lucas Design, housed in our very own drywalled and painted basement! Upstairs chaos ends. Downstairs chaos ending in progress. It's a glorious glorious thing!

This week has been a pretty fantastic week. Most are around here, but this one just seemed better. We worked our tails off this week, and are enjoying lavishing in the rewards. It helped that Kendra showed up on Saturday, and dove into the painting like the true superstar that she is!

Our cinema is back up and running, and better than ever. And it's now RED, which makes it sexier than ever too. I've done some sewing this week in my new and improved Sewing Room, with a new layout, new calming colour, and improved storage shelving. Even doing laundry is better in the new Yellow Laundry Room. The workshop is a disaster, but we can't have everything perfect right away! And SLD is making serious progress, with fancy shelving for displaying the millions of models, storage shelving for old show files, sexy under the shelving lighting and this very computer, hooked up to the internet, with a monitor bigger than my head...bigger than my belly and my head combined even (in typical Steve fashion!) Even the outdoors have made leaps and bounds this week. The grass is cut and beautiful, the trimming is done, and with our new weekwacker knocking down everything that's had all summer to grow tall and lush, it looks really quite lovely outside! We dug up another veggie garden tonight (sadly, so that I could replant the herbs that I had to take out of the collapsed herb garden - not EVERYTHING is sunshine and roses here folks!) Generally, life is Grand!

Belly continues to expand, and baby continues to perfect his gymnastics moves. I placed a gdiaper order this week - a new flushable diaper that we're going to give a try. Unfortunatly they are an American company with product not yet available in Canada, but my Underground Diaper Network Connections will get them on Canadian soil with little trouble (not to mention shipping charges!) on my part, and we thank them for their efforts!

I washed all the baby clothes I had in my posession this week - here's a question - why does baby laundry detergent smell so much better than normal laundry detergent? I mean, if everyone walked around wearing clothes that smelled like this stuff, I think the world would be a happier, huggier, cuddlier place. There's just something about the smell that makes you want to grab the clothes and squeeze them tight and snuggle up on the couch with them. Of course, it could be the raging pile of hormones coursing through my body..thats more likely the case!

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