Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday

To Doris (Steves Mom, soon to be known as "Grandma”) today, July the 4th.

To our adorable pooch, in his Canadian Bandana, who celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday July the 3rd. Birthday agenda: play, nap, scratch, lick, nap some more. A pretty good day.

To my newest cousin (or second cousin, or whatever) Avery Marie, born to Dave and Jodi on Thursday the 28th (or thereabouts). One pregnant cousin down, 1 more (plus me) to go!

To my friends Jessica and Andrew's newest addition - Sarah Jay, also born on the 28th. Babies babies everywhere!

And of course, this fantastic country we live in, celebrating 139 years this weekend. You don't look a day over 138 honey!

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