Thursday, August 24, 2006

Countdown: 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of parking in one of those fabulous “Expectant Mother” parking spots – I figured now’s my chance! I had a tiny moment of guilt, like I was parking in a forbidden handicapped spot or something, because lets face it, I can certainly make the walk from 5 parking spots away from the Zellers entrance just as well as I can make the walk from 1 spot away, but then I thought the hell with it, I’m about as expectant as a mother can get. It’s not like I was parking there when I was 5 weeks pregnant or anything (but honestly, if I had known this particular Zellers had Expectant Mother parking, I may have stopped in there sooner to shop, solely for it’s parking pleasures.) Fortunately, not only is it Expectant Mother Parking, it’s Expectant and NEW Mother parking, so I can enjoy it’s pleasures over and over again. The Zellers in Alliston can add me to their faithful customer list. At least until the baby isn’t “New” anymore. When is that?

Our Midwife visit this week was likely NOT our last. Baby seems pretty cozy where he is, having descended about half the required amount before they consider him “engaged” and ready to rock. So he’s loitering near the exit, but he’s not quite ready to leave yet. Whatever – I can continue my relaxing and trashy novel ready for at least another week, I have no problem with that.

In other news (which I forgot to mention last week), last weekend we celebrated our 1 year houseiversary – one year of country bliss in our little home here on the roof. I love how momentous occasions such as this one can be tarnished in the blink of an eye by something as small as the arrival of the renewal of our house insurance policy! Happy Anniversary! You owe us a whole bunch of money, now fork it over!

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