Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Waiting for Baby

So we're waiting.

Because of all the uncertainty surrounding the hospital closures, we have gone ahead and made to preparations for a home birth, deciding that having the baby in our bedroom was preferable to driving 75 minutes to Newmarket in labour! Now, of course, because we have made said preparations, the hospital WILL be open this weekend! But now we have 6 new bath towels and a whole bunch of new face cloths, and several dozen "incontinence pads," all on the list of home birthing supplies that we needed to have on standby just in case. Not to mention a crock pot hanging out in our bedroom. If we don't have the baby at home, at least we're covered for any serious cases of sudden incontinence that may come our way (ours, or who ever decides to visit!)
We have been seriously enjoying our quiet home time for the last week and a half, trying to take on one task a day so at least we feel like we're getting something accomplished, instead of feeling like lazy sods. The rest of the day we relax, guilt free. It's glorious, and soon, it will all be over! We've watched more movies and episodes of Six Feet Under in the past 2 weeks than we have in months.

I'm down to one pair of pants that fits comfortably (one pair that I would been seen in public in anyway!) and am looking forward to opening the Box of Clothes That Don't Fit Anymore once this is over...realizing that it may be a while before I get back into them, but there's nothing like a little motivation in the form of a comfortable pair of jeans (instead of a pair that digs into my abdomen, dispite it's snazzy elastic waistband.)

Luckily, sleep is still possible, dispite the fact that in fear of my water breaking we put away our super dooper 800 thread count white sheets a few days ago and replaced them with crappy old gross sheets that slip off the bed after we've been in it for 2 hours, complete with noisy plastic sheet underneath (wouldn't want breaking waters to wreck our super sexy memory foam!) We are both looking forward to the return of the real sheets, these suck! There are also about twice as many pillows in the bed as there are occupants (including the dog, and the unborn baby), we are also looking forward to the banishment of at least half these pillows.

The end is in sight - we had a conversation with the midwife yesterday about just how long we're willing to go overdue. In the case that junior is still inside, we have an ultrasound scheduled for the 7th of September, and provided things are OK, they'll leave him in over the weekend, and start the process of inducing labour starting on the 10th. Daddy just may get a baby for his 40th birthday on the 11th!

Until then, we continue relaxing. Life's tough, but I think we can hack it!

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