Sunday, August 20, 2006


Also Known as "I so don't care because now that I'm done work I can sit on the porch all day drinking tea and the baby can stay in there till he's 5 for all I care!"

I reached a major milestone on Friday with the Last Day of Work. It's not that I don't enjoy my job, I just didn't enjoy the throbbing pain that crept up my back throughout the day, only to culminate in me arriving home at 5:30 crankier and more sore than the day before. Ah, but that's all over now. I no longer need to sit all day in an uncomfortable chair, and instead can relax in my preferred position (totally horizontal) drinking fake Becks and Uterine Toning Tea (who knew!?) and hopefully enjoy the next two weeks. Where as before I was praying for baby to come early, now I hope he can hold out a week or so, so I can have a chance to relax.

In other exiting news, this weekend the Hospital where we plan to give birth enjoyed a 4 day closure of the birthing unit! They've "lost" one of their OB's (they didn't say to what!) so when the other one decides to take the weekend off, they can't run the unit, so they close it! It seems to be an every other weekend thing, but doing the math, our due date falls on a weekend 2 weeks from now, a long weekend no less, so methinks the chances of Dr. I-don't-care-about-labouring-women-I-only-care-about-spending-the-weekend-on-my-boat being off that weekend and the birthing unit being closed are pretty gosh darn good! If this is the case, we get to take the 75 minute hike to Newmarket, which doesn't sound to pleasant to me now, and will likely sound less pleasant when the contractions are coming 5 minutes apart. 75 minutes, 5 minute apart contractions, that's about 15 contractions with nothing and no one to hold onto (we don't have those handles above the doors in the car - they tell me this very occasion is what they're made for...we may need to get a rental!) no changing position, and above all, NO PEEING!!! After watching Gretel pee after every single contraction, this thought fills me with dread and fear, especially for the upholstery in our car. Depends don't sound like such a bad invention right now....

We're reconsidering the idea of a home birth if the birthing unit is closed. It's something we'll chat with the midwives about this week and see if it's even a possibility. Which opens another whole can of worms!

As the end of this pregnancy draws nearer, and the reality of having a baby gets closer and closer every minute, I've decided that I'm really going to miss being pregnant. OK, I won't miss everything about being pregnant (smell ya later, Heartburn!!), but there are certain parts about it that I'll be sad to see go. The constant fluttering and groovin that happens in my belly is a really wonderful thing - having a constant companion 24 hours a day has it's joys. My usual cold blooded body is also enjoying the interior furnace effect, although I imagine the exterior furnace will heat in much the same way. My changing shape has been fascinating to experience, although I do look forward to having more than one pair of pants that fit properly! All in all, I have been incredibly lucky, have had few complaints, and only can hope that this easy pregnancy translates seamlessly into an easy birth, and a happy easy baby....One of the phrases that scare us the most these days is "like father, like son." Steve was a wee hellion when he was young...I fear for payback...

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kodeureum said...

Welcome to a world without housecalls. When my daughter was born nigh on six years ago the hospital hadn't just lost an OB: the doctors were all on strike. The head of surgery ended up performing my ex-wife's emergency caesarean (six weeks early), but she was quite happy with the scar which concealed the rather unpretty one from her previous journeyman-surgeon sutures.

Best of luck with the delivery!