Thursday, September 28, 2006

The contest we're going to win

So we get this “Couples Magazine” called “2” (isn’t that cute) in the mail every few months. I think it shows up because for about 30 seconds we thought about registering for our wedding at The Bay, and I think I gave them my address, all this before we found out that to register you have to go in for like a 4 hour “consultation” where they parade you through EVERY PRODUCT in the store, and then pass over The Scanner Gun Thingy and let you loose. All I really wanted was the Gun – it sounded like fun. But I digress…

So in this magazine they always do a couples makeover. Sounds kind of cheesy, but it includes a whole bunch of free clothing and a free trip where it seems like the only downside is you have to hang out by the pool sipping fancy cocktails in your new clothes so they can take scads of trendy looking pictures of you and your beloved. Bummer. So this month’s couple, Nicole and Darren seem to have won the makeover this time around due to their “exciting but exhausting year” They got married, bought their first home, and had some trauma with their 3 dogs that they don’t go into. Which got me thinking about what our year was like….

So in the past 13 months…

We Bought a House
Moved from population 2.5 million to population 4000 (plus 1!)
Took a 10 day road trip out east, came back with a crazy dog
Bought a New Car
Jenn started a new job
My Dad died
Steve got Divorced
We got Married
We went on a (working) honeymoon
My Gramma died
I completed my first 2 of 3 Real Estate Courses
We sub floored, insulated, dry walled and painted the basement
We relocated Steve Lucas Design and all it’s stuff to said basement
We planted 100 trees
My Brother got married
Steve did a few dozen shows along the way
And, to top it all off, I was pregnant for most of all these events, and we just had ourselves a baby.

Nicole and Darren’s list is paltry compared to ours…we’ll let you know when we win!

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