Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Week 3 - Midnight Madness

So this past week has been mostly about the Midnight Madness.

Midnight Madness generally happens between 10pm and 2am, but can really occur any time of day, and generally lasts about 4 hours, give or take (mostly take...) Midnight Madness is a period of time where nothing (not breast, bouncing, walking, singing, recorded music, etc) can convince Griffin that life on earth is just not the worst possible thing imaginable. Occasionally during Midnight Madness Grif lulls himself off into a doze, making Mommy and Daddy think that they just may be able to go back to sleep soon. Then suddenly, without warning, he remembers that life on earth sucks the big one, and begins wailing again. And I do mean wailing, like if we lived in the burbs where the neighbours can hear you they'd be thinking we were sticking pins in him (which I mentioned during one bought of Madness, that it sounded like we were sticking him with pins, after trying every remedy imaginable, and Steve tiredly replied "well, we haven't tried that yet.")

Babies first smiles often happen as they're dozing off (the books call them "Sleep Smiles") Last night, as the madness finally came to an end (Madness was from 4pm to 9pm yesterday) Griffin fell asleep on our bed smiling and smirking to himself. And then he started giggling...like little "I have a secret" giggles that were just about the cutest thing hes ever done. It made the previous 5 hours of madness melt into insignificance, just like that. That's why they make babies so damn cute, its much harder to be frustrated with 5 hours of screaming when they fall asleep giggling at the end of it!

This week, we also celebrated Grandpa's Birthday - there are some Flickr Pictures of said event. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

So here's an interesting question - I've heard the following statements over the past months:

"The first 2 weeks are hell, but once you get past that..."

"Everything gets much easier after the first 6 weeks"

"Once you're past the 3 month mark, life gets better."

"The first 6 months are crazy, but after that it's a bit more normal."

So who's lying? What true? Are these statements just spouted off by experienced moms to lull new moms into a false sense of security, thinking that someday (in the near or distant future) this will all get easier? Does it ever really? I have high hopes for the 6 week mark. And I trust that all the sleep smiles and oppourtunities to stare at Griffins beautiful face will make up for all the other stuff in between.

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