Friday, September 01, 2006

Countdown: 0.

In his quest to help expediate Baby's arrival Phelan tries to suck baby out through my ever expanding belly button!

Well, so much for the big old “Due Date.” What ever was due to happen, didn’t. A total bust. So we continue to wait.

I know that baby will show up when he’s good and ready. I know it’s no good rushing these things, and that nature needs to take it’s course. I also know that none of the people that are telling me all these things are carrying around a full grown baby in their pants! They don’t have to get up to pee 6 times a night (it’s the physical act of getting up that’s difficult, not the peeing!), nor are they suffering from heartburn, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, or any of the other fun things I’ve been enjoying. Easy for you to say people, I want the baby out!! It's like Christmas, and knowing that there is a big present waiting for you, and even kind of having a good idea of what's in it, and then being told on Christmas day that you have to wait till New Years to open it...sorry. That shit just doesn't fly around here!! Heck, we even open some on Christmas eve!

Patience is not a virtue which I excell in.

In my proactive quest to help convince baby to come on down, we took a little hike up to Murphy's Pinnacle today – a fantastic little spot along the Bruce Trail, atop the Mulmur hills, where the 360 degree view is really quite spectacular. It’s a pretty calm hike, mostly uphill there and downhill back, and worth every step. When the trees start to turn it will be even better…next time we’re taking our fancy backpack with picnic supplies and having lunch up there!

Until then, we continue in our waiting. We'll let you know!

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