Friday, October 20, 2006

Cafe au Mama

Our Pre Natal instructor was a heavy supporter of Breast Feeding (as she should be) and after expounding the virtues of Breast Feeding and Breast Milk, made her way around the classroom, asking the men if they planned on tasting their partners milk – they were told it is actually quite tasty, very sweet and goes great in coffee. Surprisingly, all the gentlemen in the class said yes (although a few I’m sure did it only because of the peer pressure!) Ever since then, Steve has been waiting for the day when he could give it a try. Well, today was his lucky day – I had to pump this morning because someone didn’t pull their weight last night (which meant a peaceful sleep, so it wasn’t so bad) and a good portion of the results went into the morning coffee. CafĂ© au Mama was a hit.

Now some of you squeamish types may find this a little on the gross side of life, but I figure we’ve already shared plenty of bodily fluids. Heck, that’s how we ended up here in the first place! So what’s a little breast milk between friends??

File Under: Too Much Information!!??

In Other News: look what our tiny genius can do!!!

(not for very long, but long enough to be captured on film!!)

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trev said...

so, uh, when are you opening a cheese store?