Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Laundry Queen

Ever since the Pukemiester moved into our house, I have become the Laundry Queen. Not only do we change Griffin about 3 times a day, but he usually pukes on at least one if not both of us multiple times during the day. Now there is no use changing every time you get puked on, but it does render most clothes dirty after 1 day. I also try my best not to go out in public with big puke stains on my shirts, or big leaky boob stains either. Griffin still continues to prefer open air peeing, and despite my best efforts to cover his little willy when changing him, he still seems to catch me off guard every so often…twice yesterday! I try to put a cloth diaper under him to catch it, yesterday he peed in a perfect arc right off the end of the diaper and onto the change table pad – in the laundry it goes! With the addition of the cloth diapers and diaper wipes (this is my own doing, and a decision we’re still totally glad we made…saving the world one cloth diaper at a time!) we are in laundry heaven! I have accepted this position of Laundry Queen, I think, with grace, and may even make myself a crown – I think I deserve one!

Griffin just past the 6 week mark, and we’re all still standing. Well, Griffin is kind of sitting, well supported, but we’re all ok.

Last night Griffin slept for 3 and a half hours in his cradle – an unheard of event! We were both too tired to take advantage of having the bed to ourselves, but we did snuggle up together, which it seems like we never do anymore, and enjoy the silence. Glorious!

The snow melted away just as fast as it arrived, and my Christmas yearning have been temporarily quieted…but not for long! This weekend my Brother is on his way up to assist us in Winter Prep 101 – fixing the greenhouse, putting up snow fence, and marking out the driveway so we don’t loose it under the snow! We regretfully packed up the patio furniture this past weekend, and said goodbye to the garden tools. Out came the snow shovels, window scrapers for the car, and the storm door…how depressing! On the plus side, we did become the proud (if temporary) owners of a set of snow tires that Steve’s parents won’t be using this winter…and I think they’ll only fit on my car - wahoo!

The other day we pulled in the driveway behind a black pickup, also pulling into our house. Out of the truck stepped a guy in Construction Oranges. He let us know dat “Dey were pavin up da road, eh, and dey gots sum leftover assfault, and dey wanted to know if wes wanted sum fer our driveway – deyd grade it up and level er off all nice eh. Yeh aint gonna get a bettr price dan dis eh?”

So they wanted to come pave our driveway, RIGHT NOW, with their leftover asphalt, for a “great price”…which still works out to WAY MORE MONEY THAN WE HAVE. Go away Mister Orange, go sell your leftovers to someone else. And really, do I want the driveway done by a bunch of guys who can go home early because they’re done for the day, OR come to my driveway and spend “quality” time paving it…you do the math!

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