Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I guess it's actually tomorrow, but whatever!

This afternoon we're off to Wildwood conservation area for Thanksgiving dinner in the Motorhome - a lovely tradition started a few years ago. Actually, this is only the second year we've done it, but I think it should become a tradition! It may get harder as our families grow, but if we leave the dogs at home there is just enough room for all of us at the teeny tiny table. It certainly prevents things from becoming too complicated - there are only so many dishes you can cook/reheat in the motorhome oven!

A big thanksgiving welcome to wee Timothy Schwager, who arrived on Friday morning at 5:30 am weighing in at 8lbs, 9oz. Alexis was in labour for (Hang onto your hats ladies) 4 hours!! Four hours...that's hardly enought time to make and bake a pie, let alone get a baby out!! We have no visual evidence of Wee Timothy but trust it will arrive soon and he will be just as good looking as our little Griffin.

The geeses have passing by overhead in the thousands this past week, making their annual migration to warmer places...sounds nice! In the next few weeks we'll begin the process of preparing for the fluffy white stuff to fly - winterizing the greenhouse, putting stakes along the driveway so we can find it in the snow (taller than the 2 foot ones that we put up last year and couldn't find after the first snowfall), digging up the last of the crops in the garden, and taking in good old Mac the Snowblower for his Spa Day, so he's ready and raring to go! Oh what fun. I dread winter a bit more than I did last year - trekking up the driveway through 4 foot snow because the snow is too deep to drive the car up the driveway is one thing, doing it with an infant is another terrifying thing all together.

For now we'll enjoy the last few days of white free weather, and appreciate the fall colours just that little bit more, since we know what's on the way!

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