Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I find myself often waking up in the middle of the night feeling a little bit damp. With Griffin sleeping in the bed with us, it then becomes a game of figuring out what exactly is the cause of said wetness. Add the 4am haze of I haven't had a decent sleep in 5 weeks, and it becomes quite the challenge. Is it Griffin? And precisely which end of Griffin? Is it my breast(s)? Did Steve wet the bed? (Hasn't happened yet!) Did Dudley wet the bed (hasn't happened lately!) It's the newest funest game to play in the middle of the night.

Griffin's first (and second) Thanksgiving was a resounding success. Sunday was spent with my family in Wildwood park, enjoying a beautiful fall day in the motorhome. Aside from the most spectacular pukefest Griffin ever has created, happening in the middle of dinner (and all over Steve again...I seem to have a nack for timing these things!) it was more than delightful.

His second Thanksgiving dinner was spent with Steve's parents and Aunt and Uncle. Though not the centre of attention, Griffin was a hit and behaved himself admirably, being cute and smiley before dinner, and dozing through dinner itself.

At 5 weeks, Griffin's box of "too small" clothing is growing at an alarming rate. Griffin is over 11 pounds now as far as we can figure (this exacting weight was taken with Steve and Griffin together on the bathroom scale, so may not be precise!) Mama on the other hand has shed about 25 of the 35 pregnancy pounds, and is very happy with the results. (It's those pre-pregnancy pounds that are going to be a bitch!)

Last night and the night before, Griffin managed to doze through 5 straight hours of the night. 5 hours never seemed like a significant amount of time until now. We have high hopes for our little Virgo baby, that his scheduling gene will soon kick into high gear, and this will become a constant occurrence...

We had a hefty frost this week, the leaves have definitely past their peak, and I fear the snow is on it's way. But we're warm and cozy inside the house, with the cutest baby on earth, so we'll just stay home this winter and make smiley faces at eachother...sounds good to me!


The Single Girl said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your boy!

Can't wait to meet him.

kodeureum said...

I almost purchased a Blue's Clues pajama set for 6-12 months yesterday, and maybe I should have. Ask Steve to send me an e-mail with your mailing address and perhaps you'll receive some tiny tot togs shortly.