Friday, October 13, 2006

Just another Day

So I spent the day in Toronto yesterday (more on that later) and headed home at the tail end of the evening rush hour. What a beast! Rush Hour is one thing - you have to be a patient person to travel in rush hour. You know it’s going to suck all the way home, but you still make that big ol merge onto the parking lot of commuter life and sit there and suffer through your 3 hour journey home, at a big ol 25 kilometers an hour. Then there are the folks who wait till the tail end of rush hour – these are the impatient, crazy fuckers who are a danger on the road– they squeeze in a extra hour or two of work, and then hop on the 401 doing a buck fifty all the way home, to their little cookie cutter houses on Hysteria Lane, just in time to kiss the wife, pat the dog, and tuck their 2.4 kids into bed so they don’t start thinking the lawn guy is their daddy (when everyone knows it’s actually the pool boy!) I don’t think I like the “Tail End” of rush hour.

Oh, and apparently it’s not cool to signal anymore on the 400 series highways – I guess letting people in on the fact that you’re about to cross 5 lanes of traffic at 150 kilometers an hour is not necessary. To all those drivers who I confused or angered by indicating my intent to change lanes last night on the 401, I apologize…I didn’t get the memo.

In other news – Snow. Here. See?

It makes me cringe. It makes me shiver. It makes me want to get out the Christmas decorations!!

We got the Christmas Edition of House and Home this week, and I must confess to having visions of sugarplums dancing in my head ever since. I went to Ikea yesterday and had a secret hope that they would have that section of Christmas decorations up by the cash all set up so I could wander through it singing Fa la la la la. I was NOT disappointed! I held back and only purchased one decorative bucket, which I was admonished for when I got home…I apparently have a decorative bucket thing Steve pointed out to me. But every bucket has it’s own specific purpose, and this one has a very specific purpose – to put logs into, and then sit decoratively next to our woodstove. The fact that the woodstove is propane fired is totally beside the point – it’s decorative! Festive even! Steve’s point of view is that perhaps we should by groceries, instead of buckets to put next to wood stoves that don’t actually need wood. I see his point. But I still like the bucket.

Buckets and Traffic aside, I had a great day in the city. Gretel provided me with the usual bag of hand me downs, including a brand new baby swing, otherwise known as the Neglectomatic. It’s one of those things you pop the baby into, along with way too many C batteries, and it rocks them into oblivion. Call it what you want, you wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for that swing, as Griffin is currently more sound asleep than he has been in days, being continually lulled by the rocking motion of said Neglectomatic!

I also got to visit with Lyndee and Kendra, and spend a lovely afternoon drinking wine and gossiping like the gossipy little whores that we are…what fun!

I has a few things to straighten up when I got home, so Steve took Grif into the bedroom. Later, as I watched the 2 of them sleep cuddled up together, Griffin in the crook of Steve’s arm, Steve snoring with customary gusto, I was reminded that sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring the most happiness. Snoring husbands, sleeping babies, carrots from the garden. Simple. Happy.

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