Monday, October 30, 2006

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

What a weekend!

The Shadowball, the annual AGO Fundraiser that Steve designs and generally works his ass off on is OVER. Thank Jebus. Next year, we will all remember to wear comfortable shoes, and hope they don't close the fricking Gardner again.

We stayed the night in Toronto on Saturday, and after a delightful breakfast at Kendra's headed back to the country. Or the fricking NORTH POLE as it were! Steadily as we got further away from the evil city, the ground became whiter and whiter. We decided to head straight for where Dudley spent the night to pick him up. The Dudler did NOT have a good time at the Boarder...apparently he's "bossy." Big bloody surprise there!

So there was a bit (as in about 8"!) of snow on this lovely back country road that the boarder lives on - it was a bit hecktic getting there. On her advice, we headed south from her house when we left (we came from the north) as the road may be a bit better.


This is the road we were on. Now you may be saying to yourself "Road? I don't see no fricking road!" Which is exactly what we were saying, about 50 feet too late. What you see here is actually a drift, about 2 feet high, covering the entire road!!! And what you see here:

is the kind gentleman that used his tractor to blow out the road, so he could get his truck close enough to pull us out (not before getting the truck stuck and pushing it out!)

And what you see here:

is a close up of his tractor. It's the 2305 - a similar model to the one we've been drooling over - front loader, back blower, all round lifesaver!

And here: My husband the country boy looking very sour due to his winter unpreparedness and thus, very wet feet!

So the short story is they dug, pulled us out, almost landing us back in the ditch, while I was in the car with Griffin and a freaked out dog, who in an attempt to get closer to me for comfort ended up sitting on top of Griffin's car seat. What you see here:

is Griffin later in the day, seemingly unaffected by the whole affair!

We finally made it home, our guests who had been spending time checking out the local culture at the Pete's Donuts while we made our way home arrived unscathed, and we had a lovely afternoon, followed by dinner by candlelight because the power went out...all very romantic.

Also important to note: babies have no concept of Daylight Savings Time, and where a 7am wakeup is charming and reasonable, a 6am wakeup is less so. BUT 8:30 to bed is better than take the good and the bad!

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