Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I miss you! I hope you finally made it to London and your day today sucked less than your day yesterday. Much less!

Mom and I are having fun hanging out at oma's. Today we went to something called a bazaar. It was lame, so I slept through the whole thing. Apparently I was a hit though.

Its ok here, nobody sings me dumb songs like you do though (and I mean dumb in a good way) and there's no butterflies on my change table, but I like it ok. That dog guy that hangs out at our house is here too, and mom says he's being a pain in the ass (although she told me not to say ass...sorry)

We both miss you. Mom's enjoying a cool Guinness and hopes you're doing the same!
Love you!

P.S. Despite what it may look like, Ma helped me type this. I think I need a few more runs of that Alphabet Song before I can do it by myself

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