Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Ultimate Holiday Insult

Many moons ago, a friend of mine, in his early 20’s at the time I believe, got very drunk a few days before Christmas, and ended up crashing in the bed of a female friend, which happened to be located in the basement of her parent’s home. When the girls mother discovered the two in bed in the morning, she was shocked and appalled, and promptly kicked the boy to the curb, hurtling screams of “You Ruined Christmas!!” at him. This seems to me to be the Ultimate Holiday Insult. Ruining Christmas, well that’s just plain mean!!

A few years ago Steve Marsh ruined Christmas. Teching a show over the holidays (I hate companies that do that!) my Steve missed a major family function because the tech went over it’s scheduled time. We all remember the year that Steve Marsh ruined Christmas…it’s not easily forgotten.

Today, the director of the show that Steve is working on called a production meeting for 9:30 in the morning, on what should have been Steve’s first day off in about 6 weeks. It’s Sunday to top it off. Luckily we’re still far enough away from the aforementioned holiday, to hurl the Ultimate Holiday Insult at him, but if we were any closer I'd be seriously thinking about it. And while he didn’t ruin Christmas, he certainly screwed up a perfectly good day off!!

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kodeureum said...

That wasn't the same year that Steve Marsh's Solstice party in Kensington absolutely rocked, was it? 2003, or maybe 2004? There's always some sort of balance.