Saturday, November 25, 2006

Working too hard!

Today I had to go on line to find out when Steve's show at Theatre Orangeville is opening, becase Steve is so damn busy that he's only doing "24 hours at a time." He has no idea when it opens!

It's December 1st my love, next Friday. I think you see your computer more than you see me these days, and I know you read the blog every day, so I have decided this is the best way to communicate! Thank you for working so hard so that we can keep eating!

We're working on cleaning the house so that we can enjoy tomorrow. I straightened out the christmas lights this morning, and the car is loaded to go to the dump. The dog pooped upstairs sometime this week - it was nice and crusty when I peeled it off the carpet. Sometimes being away from home has it's perks!

We're looking forward to tomorrow (the first FULL day off in about 6 weeks!)


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