Monday, December 18, 2006

So we went to the Family Christmas Party on Saturday...

...and I think I brought home the wrong kid. The one I have now is calm, serene, and was quiet as a church mose all day yesterday. He fell asleep 4 times of his own volition...not movement induced, music induced, or drug induced in the least. Just drifted off to sleep on his own, chilling out in his playpen. At one point yesterday I even forgot I had a baby, he was being so quiet. I snuck over to the playpen to see if he was still breathing, and there he was, just staring up at Tigger and Pooh, happy as a clam.

Whoever has my loud needy baby you can keep him - I like this one better!

Griffin and Mia
(Apologies to Mike for cutting him out of the picture...the babies are just too cute!)

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