Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy busy busy

So we've been a bit busy. I appoligize to those of you who complained (Gretel!) about the lack of action here on th blog. Problem is there's been too much action at the house to find time for blog action.

Our chrismas tree hunt last weekend was more of a comedy of errors than anything, but in the end we got a beautiful tree. Here she is in her natural habitat:

And now she's in our living room! All glorious 12 feet of her. God I love high ceilings

Monday was full of anticipation as Steve's new game (Zelda: Twilight Princess) was due to arrive in Orangeville. Dissapointment ensued when we found out the young princess wouldn't be arriving until Tuesday. Steve spent the rest of the day in a corner crying.

There was a day spent travelling to Lindsay to see Griffin's Great Grandpa...a long day in the car, Griffin slept most of the 6 hours we were driving, and we paid dearly for that that evening, with an active baby, who woke up screaming, and screamed solidly from 2 to 3 am. Just when we got him back to sleep the dog decided to vomit all over his bed. Thankfully, not our bed! Steve stumbled up to clean it up and then fell dead back into bed. The dog continued his vomit parade throughout the wee hours, but we didn't get up again...i figured we'd (and by we I mean Steve) would clean it up in the morning. I don't do dog vomit.

(Speaking of vomit, Griffin exploded right before picture time as you can see. This seems to be our lot in life)

Yesterday we did a big tradeoff day - 2 hours of gaming for Steve, 2 hours of quilting for me. Today we christmas shop. And now i must run and feed the suddenly cranky baby in my arms. We've started calling him Griffin BiPolar Lucas.

One last thing...look what I made! I'm so very proud of myself!!

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