Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Innocently wandering through the Shelburne Library last week, I stumbled upon a book that claimed "no screams, no tears, just sleep." It was an innocent looking book, full of ideas on how to make your precious treasure slumber soundly through the night. I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and promptly went home and devoured the book.

The next night I foisted it on Steve and made him read it. And so begun our transition to helping our little guy have a longer slumber through the night (and as a direct result, we get to sleep too!!)

I can't beleive it but it's working. There's no crying himself to sleep, no trauma, the basic premis is helping the little monkey fall asleep on his own...not while rocking, not while hauling on my breast, just while chilling out in his crib (or your bed, or wherever you decide he sleeps.) Our first move was pick up crib, move to upstairs bedroom. Not that it's a requirement, but if Griffin is fussing just the tiniest little bit, I have trouble keeping my little mitts off him! With strict instructions to me not to leave our bedroom, Steve headed upstairs that first night, and like a trooper continued to do so for 2 nights, every time Griffin fussed.

Low and behold, last night he only woke up twice! Only once to be fed around 3am, and once more at 5:30, which just involved a little sushing and coo-cooing, and back to sleep he went.

It's a little like a dream come true! I have high hopes for the next few nights, and if my baby sleeps through the night, I will find this woman book writer lady and kiss her. Hard.

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