Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dave to the Rescue

Today, Lawnmower Dave saved the day.

(If you're new around here, and don't know about Lawnmower Dave, I'd suggest going back and doing some reading up on the enigma that is Dave.)

(OK, I'm not as cool as I thought and don't have the patience to figure out how to link back to a specific post - go check out the October 2005 archives if you feel so inclined.)

So Dave blew out our driveway with his sexy snowblower, because the snow is almost up to our heads in some places. No seriously.

BUT, and this is the important part, not only did Lawnmower/Snowblower Dave clear out our driveway, he fixed our beloved Mac! Mac is now in full working order (aside from his irrational fear of the cold) and once the wind stops blowing (like next week) we'll put him back to work!

We offered to purchase Dave some of his favourite libations, but it turns out he's not a drinking man. So instead, Steve offered him some tickets to Theatre Orangeville's production of The Drawer Boy, the story of a cocky city kid who comes to hang out in the country and rub elbows with the farmers... Hey, wait a second.....!

Thanks Dave, you are our hero!

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