Sunday, February 04, 2007

Five Months

Dear Griffin,

Today my "baby" boy is five months old. Five months! Can you believe it! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was waddling around with a jazzercise class going on in my belly. And sometimes, like last night between 2:30 and 4am, it feels like time is crawling slower than a stoned turtle. But slow or fast, every moment is an adventure!

This months adventures have been in food, and sleep. The food part is going marvelously! I have never seen a baby dive onto a spoon as my hungry little hippo does. Watching you, one would think you're starving and only get fed once a week tops, when we all know that's a big fat lie, and you eat more than a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet. Enjoy it, I say! Infancy is one time it's cute to be chubby, and you wear it well.
The sleep part of life has had it's ups and downs. Now don't get me wrong, I have never had any expectations that you'd sleep through the night before you were 12, but when you consider all the other things that you excel at, I figured it would be a nice treat to round out the perfect little package that is you. I suppose we all have one (or more) major flaws. Some days I think that you may be traumatized by the fact that you're sleeping in a room painted a colour I think they call "Country Rose." Hell, I slept in there last night and woke up thinking about arranging dried flowers and painting plywood cutouts of cats to perch above the windows ("It's a GOOD thing.") I think the elimination of Country Rose should be in the near future, for all of our sakes.

Mama's been leaving you in the capable hands of your Daddy-O the past few days (who is NOT a clown, as insinuated in a previous post...that made Daddy a bit angry....!) and it's been a joy to come home and discover that you've been an absolute delight all day long. It's wonderful to watch your Daddy grow to love you even more and more as you spend more time together. I think he's just dying for the days that he can wrestle you out on the lawn, or chuck you into a snow drift but I also think he's treasuring these days of discovery and bliss.

You've developed some new skills in the past month, including rolling over, sticking your tongue out while you blow out resulting in the showering of whatever happens to be within a 3 foot radius of your spray zone, and sitting up on your own, surrounded by pillows for when the tilt of the earth's surface gets the better of you, which is more often than not. Watching you discover the world is like discovering it all over again for ourselves. It's been a long time since we looked up at the ceiling fan and recognised and appreciated the true dusty beauty of it, even in it's stillness, but since you came along, that's all changed.
It's also been a joy to watch you notice the furry bark-y thing that hangs out around here. When he's not barking at the neighbours, or the driveway, or the wind, Dudley has become very interested in you and your strange grunty ways. It's usually when you're lying on the floor that Dudley decides to join you on your quilt, despite our best attempt to give you your space. He's been incredibly patient with your discovery of his fur especially, and we look forward to this relationship developing to one of boy and boy's best friend.
The other big event in your life this month is you got a job! You signed up with a baby modelling agency, who took one look at your little mug and ran out the door phone Gerber. Unfortunatly they seem to be awfully busy at Gerber, because they haven't phoned back yet, but we're hopefull the call will come any day now.

And now, I listen to the bathtub draining upstairs, which means you're ready for a little boob time and drifting off into la la land. Often times at night I need to refrain myself from picking you up and kissing you to death..just look how beautiful you are!
One last thing before I go - stop biting me you little vampire, it's not polite! Don't bite the hand (or in this case, the boob) that feeds you!

Sleep well, my angel, I love you.

P.S. I think you're a little cross'll grow out of it!

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The Single Girl said...

awww ... happy 5 months Griffin!

And three posts in one day ... that is impressive!