Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Forecast: Armegeddon

So Environment Canada is predicting Armageddon for tomorrow - snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by ice pellets, followed by high winds, followed by downed trees and power lines, followed by angry snowmobiles falling from the sky, that can't ride because there's too much ice, not to mention they can't find a gas station to fill up at.

Around here people are filling up every little jerry can they can find, because never mind their cars, there's snowmobiles, tractors and generators to power. And if the power lines start falling like snowflakes in February, that means no work and no school, which is a prime excuse to spend the day on the snowmobile. Not that people seem to need an excuse around here - I see parades of people going by any day of the week, any time of the day, roaring past like they're being chased by an angry Polar Bear. Or a snow plow.

What's my point exactly? Well I'm not quite sure. LOOK HOW CUTE MY KID IS!
Mmmmm.....a tasty snack of Blue Snowsuit!

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