Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Queen o' Quilts

I love finishing projects. In fact, that may be why I start so damn many of them - because the thought of FINISHING them somewhere down the road makes me giddy with anticipation. And finishing a project means you get to start another's all just one big circle of project life.

So this weekend I finished 2 projects - one way early, the other just a little bit late. I will post pictures once the respective recipients receive their treasures. Unfortunately, the REALLY late one - Paul and Stacey's wedding quilt - is still sitting on my sewing table (sorry dudes!) But I made some serious headway on it the other day, when Griffin had a 2 and a half hour nap (this NEVER happens.)

Today, as a reward for finishing projects, I wandered through FabricLand for a half hour looking for fabric for the next thing on my plate - a baby Paul and Stacey quilt. Maybe I'll actually get your wedding quilt and your baby quilt to you all before your first anniversary!

I am a Quilting MANIAC!!!

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