Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Disturbance in the Universe

Steve bought a snazzy pair of shoes today, and as a result is now carrying FOUR pairs of shoes on this holiday. This is not only some kind of record for him personally, but it is one more pair than I have with me. I have problems with this on more than one level.

I get to have the most shoes! ME!! That's MY job!


Lyndee said...

I think I actually felt the ripple as it went through the universe yesterday ... and the lime green and purple clouds outside my window are not a good sign.

kodeureum said...

And here I am stuck in Daegu, Korea where shoe salesman in fashionable department stores keep telling me that my size 10 1/2 feet are so big that they don't have anything for me in stock! I'll be shopping at the humongous Shinsegae Department store in the mega-affluent Kangnam district of Seoul while Ella's visiting her mother tomorrow. Wish me luck.

This if for my third pair of shoes, total! My econd pair has worn out and my first pair are too nice and shiny to wear along the gravel road to Ella's school every morning.