Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lifestyles of the Pretending to be Rich, and Moderately Famous in Selected Circles.

We spent a lovely family day today, with a bit of shopping (See below...errghh) including some Xbox 360 games, and then a drive to Palm Beach, where we pretended we could afford to be somewhere like here.

We went and had a shi shi drink at one of the most shi shi places around, where, if you can believe it, I'd actually been before. We sat in the shi shi restaurant and had drinks (me 1, Steve 2) and an appetizer, and 60 bucks later we left feeling satiated and walking a little bit taller. There is something about being in a place like that, and having someone pass you a towel to dry your hands with in the loo that makes you stand a bit straighter. We then went into the shi shi children's shop attached to the shi shi hotel, and although we were tempted by the $60 dollar Ralph Lauren Polo shirts for infants, and the $120 teeny tiny sweaters, we felt like we had splurged enough for one day.

It was a lovely time, and we feel privileged to be able to take advantage of such opportunities when we can. Next month we'll likely be eating Kraft Dinner and rolling change for gas again, but hell, you only live once!

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