Monday, March 26, 2007

File Under: Too much information

This may be too much for some of you. But if you have kids, you know poop, and this is about poop, and I feel the need to share. Continue at your own risk!

So for the past few days Griffin has been sitting around grunting and groaning and screwing up his perfect little face into all kinds of contortions, trying to get something, ANYTHING to come out. No luck.

So yesterday I gave him some prunes.

Let me tell you, it worked like I never imagined. Now I can't get the kid to STOP pooping! Yesterday he pooped 4 times, and not little ones either - he hasn't pooped that much since the day he was born! Today, the first two poops necessitated entire clothing changes, because they were the kind that violently shoot out the top of the diaper and get on EVERYTHING! To top it all off, he's discovered that there is something interesting between his legs, and when I remove his diaper his little hands shoot down there immediately, and then they're covered in poop too!!

Ah, will the fun ever end??

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