Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So Kendra pointed out that I've been a little "I hate the world" this week, and while I feel that's not entirely true (I posted about poop too...that's not "I hate the world!") I may have been a bit fierce in some certain posts about chemical crap in my soap. But it's disgusting! But I've said enough, so on to less "I hate the world" things.

In happy news, spring seems to be springing, and although I doubt that winter is through with us and I'm not packing up the snowmobile suits, or removing the snowblower from Red and replacing it with the lawnmower just yet, we ARE taking every advantage of the beautiful sunshine and getting OUTSIDE. I've been feeling a little cabin-feverish (maybe that's what sparked the I hate world mood.)

We've been packing up Griffin in the backpack and walking the property, and I took him into Shelburne and strapped him on my back and went for a good long hike around town this afternoon. Joy of joys, the sun is shining, and we here on the Roof are happy campers.

The only thing that I am less happy about is when I first looked at this picture, I thought it was Paul carrying Griffin. My husband looks a little too much like my brother in this picture and it's disturbing me. Maybe it's the plaid Dad shirt. Whatever it is, we need to fix it!


Lyndee said...


that is spooky! I think it is also the sunglasses and the wry smile.

Jenn and Steve said...

That's totally what it is - sunglasses and the wry smile.


Lyndee said...

Oh yeah ... it still isn't okay ... maybe you need to get him new sunglasses

kodeureum said...

I once had an adventurous girlfriend who splashed on some of my aftershave lotion, the same brand (Old Spice) my grandfather wore. Your husband looking like your brother is nowhere near as creepy as my girlfriend smelling like my grandfather. I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to kiss her on the mouth for a few days. Steve knows the culprit.